Now that we have seen how fragile humanity is.

Let's start fixing.

Survival is not the default. Extinction is.

My time is limited.

So is yours.

I am working on:

1. Coordination problem in invisble networks

Statism is not resilient enough for a world of individual competence. Its time for its successor. Let's find it.

Details soon.

2. Coordination problem in visible network

Distributed, and hence decentralised organisations are the vehicle towards a more meritocratic and hence, free-er world.

Decentralization reduces individual responsibility and ownership. Throughout history it is the individualist’s self interest that has been most potent force for all progress.

Distributed + Incentive design = Top 10 on Nasdaq in the next 20 years. If nasdaq is still around, that is.

Humanity's ways of working are not ready for a connected (remote-first), innovation led (valueing ethical wealth creation) and individual-centric (decentralized) world. Current experimenting at BUIDL Labs.

The Vantage Project

3. New Individual

There is violence in the world, because there is violence within.

Less than binary consciousness breeds myopia. Myopia prevents positive-sum coordination. The problem needs to be addressed at its root.

Details soon.



In truth. In reality. In the moment.

I have spend time building competence in:

Business growth. Game theory. Monk-ing.

I write at @adityanayak