Now that we have seen how fragile humanity is.

Let's start fixing.

Survival is not the default. Extinction is.

My time is limited.

So is yours.

I am working on the following at the moment:

1. Building Systems of Governance of the future

Statism is not resilient enough for a world of individual competence. Let's find a more optimal ways to form (invisible) cooperation networks at scale.

New Nation

2. Building systems of creating wealth in the new paradigm

Humanity's ways of working are not ready for a connected (remote-first), innovation led (valueing ethical wealth creation) and individual-centric (decentralized) world.

The Vantage Project

3. Designing the individuals of the future

Less than binary consciousness breeds myopia. Myopic individuals strain cooperation networks. The future deserves a new man.

My Experiments with Integrity



In truth. In reality. In the moment.

I have spend time building competence in:

Business growth. Game theory. Monk-ing.

I write at @adityanayak